What's The Average Size of a Banquet Table?

Others have higher surfaces for personal use while either standing or sitting on a tall stool. Some very early tables were made and used by the Ancient Egyptians around 2500 BC, using wood and alabaster. They were often little more than stone platforms used to keep objects off the floor, though a few examples of wooden tables have been found in tombs. A folding table is designed to fold up and down as required and can easily be moved when not in use. The best size for a folding table depends on how many people you need to accommodate. Are more durable than particleboard options and tend to be sturdier, so they work well for heavier use. They can splinter and crack over time, though, because they are made of wood. If you intend to set up multiple uncovered table s, though, it's probably best to keep the color the same, especially for events. Round tables are also popular, especially considering they're often used for catering at venues. Smaller ones are 36 inches in diameter